Board Members’ News

NAES Board Members’ Current News

NAES Board Member Dr. Susan Asai:

1) “The Cultural Politics of Issei Music Making and Identity in California [1893-1941],” Journal of the Society for American Music, vol. 10, no. 3 (August 2016).

2) Hidden Legacy: Japanese Traditional Arts in the World War II Internment Camps. International Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 14, issue 1 (January 2017).

NAES Board Member Jesus Jaime-Diaz:

Since the school year ended in mid-May, I began transcribing 22 interviews and finished in late June. A big thank you for the encouragement I received from the writing retreat at CSU Fort Collins.  As of July I have been working a summer job with The University of Arizona Center for Latin American Studies with SUSI Cultural exchange. We have visiting the University of Arizona 20 students from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua & Mexico. It’s a three week intense cultural immersion program, they take classes and visit various sites here in Arizona, Border, Tohono O’odham nation, Grand Canyon, community service in the desert, etc. I have one more week of working with the group, they then fly out for the east coast.

I have also been analyzing and coding data, working as hard as possible to carve 3 articles ready for publication as my dissertation, before the school year starts August 21st. I am teaching two courses within the College of Education TLS 350 Schooling in America & TLS 410 Foundations of Language Minority Education. I actually just found out this morning from our department chair that we are packed, I have 35 students in the first class and 40 in the second one. I was told  I might get at a TA (fingers crossed).
On another note Sophie, Susana, David A, Ron & I worked tirelessly to prepare a proposal for a symposia for the American Educational Research Association AERA Conference to be held in NYC in April 2018. Hopefully Ken will be willing to chair the symposia, so wish us luck everyone on our acceptance into the conference, we will be representing the naes familia all the way and what we do.

NAES Board Member Dr. Julia Jordan Zachery:

My book “Shadow Bodies: Black Women, Ideology, Representation, and Politics” will be available October 2017 (Rutgers University Press)

I’m also organizing a symposium on Black Women and Girls (September 8-9 2017)

NAES Board Member Dr. Ron Scapp:

  1. The publication of my most recent book 6 months ago, Reclaiming Education: Moving Beyond the Culture of Reform (Palgrave Macmillan, December 2016). I am particularly proud of this book.
  2. The publication of “Of PomoAcademicus Revisited” in the journal Humanities, fall issue 2016–with a special edition focusing on the status of humanities professors in the age of “post” (as in post-feminism, post-race and so on, ugh!).
  3. The forthcoming publication of a piece I am very excited about: “Reading Otherwise: Ethnic Studies and the Struggles of Literature,” in The Blackwell Companion to Literary Theory, fall 2017.
  4. The forthcoming publication of “Going to and  From Eataly: Importing and Exporting Italian Identity and Culture, or A Speculative Ethnography of Taste, Consumption and Erasure,” in the journal, Italian American Review, fall 2017
  5. The completion and submission of my first pamphlet for PM Press (the publisher at our conference at SFSU this past spring). It’s titled Notes On An Anarchist Pedagogy, and was in part motivated by my wonderful breakfast conversation with our colleague Melina Abdullah as we discussed other “vehicles” and “venues” in which to publish our work.
  6. Numerous talks, and presentations, but (as always) an especially lovely public conversation with bell hooks at the New School.
  7. Placed on the Fulbright Specialist Roster and going to Manila this fall.
  8. And, extremely proud of publishing with David Aliano and Ravi another double issue of ESR 37/38 (the special Black Lives Matter issue), fall 2017 and finishing up ESR 39/40 to be published late fall 2017, which will make ESR current for the first time in over a decade—the goal now is to find a university press to take over the arduous task of publishing our journal. I am working on it as I type, ha!
  9. Current projects including co-editing Being in Transit: Travel, Place and Culture, working on a philosophy manuscript titled A Question of Voice: Philosophy and the  Search for Legitimacy, and lots of hiking before school starts…….