Message from the President

Dear Colleagues, Members, Alumni, and Friends of NAES-

Making a donation is an act of commitment and support. I specifically say an “act” because you need todo it, otherwise it doesn’t get done. Organizations such as NAES very much rely on the good and dedicated work of board members, general members, friends and all of which is volunteered. And, for the most part these wonderful individuals sustain the vital and important work, projects and activities that are NAES: our annual conferences, our journal, newsletter and various initiatives. But, “donated time” can’t pay the bills and those of us currently serving on the board know that it takes more than “muscle” to move NAES to that next level of visibility and significance. Given the ongoing assault on ethnic studies from Arizona and beyond, now more than ever, NAES needs to reach a larger community and have the resources to assistance and support the struggle to address and confront such attacks. Your financial support is essential, without it we will not be able to extend and expand the good work the NAES has been doing for 40 years! Please consider taking action and make a donation to NAES. You can be very specific and direct your monies to the journal, for example and some other area of NAES (awards, travel fund for students, etc.). No amount is too small; NAES does great things with very little! I am pleased and proud that the members of the current board, in addition to their donated time, have made generous financial contributions to NAES. I am asking you to also act in this important way, help NAES continue to be the preeminent organization for ethnic studies.

Thank You,


Ron Scapp, President, NAES

Support Our Work

NAES was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Wisconsin and conducts all business in accordance with it is Bylaws.  The Association is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) educational organization and its contributions are tax-deductible.

As an organization NAES provides a network for scholars, activists, and community members to engage in discussions, collaborations, and scholarship in the area of ethnicity. As an organization we are also committed to the mentoring of students and empowering marginalized communities and people. You may select where you want your donation to go:

Ashton W. Welch Student Travel Award

To help support undergraduate and graduate students attend the National Association of Ethnic Studies Annual Conference to develop professional networks and collaborations with other scholars and students in their field of study

Cortland Auser Undergraduate Student Award

Award given to honor an excellent undergraduate student paper that contributes to the field of ethnic studies

Ernest M. Pon Memorial Award

To give tribute and recognition to an Asian American organization dedicated to human rights and equal justice

National Association for Ethnic Studies Enrichment

To support NAES’s commitment to education and scholarship in the field of ethnic studies as well as to assisting in mentoring upcoming scholars and community activists

Phillips G. Davies Graduate Student Paper Award

Award given to honor an excellent graduate student paper that contributes to the field of ethnic studies

Robert L. Perry Mentoring Award

To support the development of talented professionals who mentor students and faculty, by going above and beyond the required professorial “call of duty” in the college/university environment

For more details about these awards go to the Awards section of this website.

We apologize for not having the ability to electronically donate, but we are currently working on this issue. If you are interested in donating please click here NAES Donation Form