FORum Pamphlet Series

In 2013, NAES launched the FORum Pamphlet Series.  In collaboration with the FORum Blog, both outlets provide opportunities to publish and share online content respective to national and international dimensions of ethnicity.  In addition, both outlets are emblematic of the NAES mission and organization name as established in 1985 wherein the “for” in National Association for Ethnic Studies proudly highlights our commitment to and continual engagement with the discipline and related fields of ethnic studies.  In addition, we seek to amplify the representations of ethnic studies in popular culture to help ensure the appropriate dissemination of ethnic studies knowledge, experiences, and cultural production.

In this spirit, the FORum Pamphlet Series welcomes succinct submissions of editorial content that features ethnic and racial import.  Your submissions will be reviewed by Review Panel Members of NAES for consideration of publication in the online series.  The series will publish editorial content as frequently as submissions permit.

Guidelines for Submission to the FORum Pamphlet Series

Ensure your submission is less than 1500 words

Include your name, affiliation and contact information

Please allow for 10 business days for the Review Panel to review your submission

If accepted, the Editor of the FORum Pamphlet Series will contact you to confirm your acceptance and share the link where you can locate your published article.

To submit, email Dr. David Aliano, Editor of the FORum Pamphlet Series at and in the subject line, enter “FORum Pamphlet Series Submission.”

 Pamphlet Series Volumes

Volume 1: Article 1 – Ron Scapp: Being in One’s Place:
Race, Ontology and the Killing of Trayvon Martin

Volume 1: Article 2 – Katie Buonocore: “Baby Veronica” Ruling Failed to Protect Native Children, Sovereignty

Volume 1: Article 3 – Lisa Nel: What Lies Beneath the Rainbow

Volume 1: Article 4 – Lisa Nel: The Immoral Landscape: Can Moral Truths Transcend Cultural and Racial Boundaries?

Volume 2: Article 1 – Lisa Nel: The ANC should dig deeper into its ‘Roots’