Sophie Alves

Graduate Student Representative

Sophie Alves is currently a Ph.D. student at the Mexican-American Studies Department with a minor in Anthropology at the University of Arizona in Tucson (USA). She is also working on a certification in Gender and Women’s Studies.

As the daughter of immigrant parents, Sophie has always been fascinated by Mexican immigration in the United States. She relates to the issues at stake, particularly “illegality,” women’s migration, or anti-immigrant discourses. Her previous research has focused on undocumented Mexican immigration to the United States with a special interest on women and their reproductive lives. She is most interested in the following areas of research: the U.S.-Mexico border; transnational families; fertility; the politics of reproduction; “anchor babies”; body and sexuality; images and representation; anti-immigrant discourses; media; rhetoric.

As a graduate student, Sophie has assisted the teaching of upper division undergraduate courses in Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona. She holds a Master’s degree in American History and a Bachelor’s degree in English as a second language. She also has a Teaching certification.

She is the founder of the “Mexican American Studies Department Mentoring Program for University of Arizona Undergraduates.” She regularly works in collaboration with students, professors, and community members to promote ethnic studies and diversity.

Sophie is very much involved in the Mexican community. She is part of different committees and projects such as the Articulation Task Force for the creation of bridges that will help facilitate the implementation of the Arizona Transfer Model to ensure that community college students may transfer to Arizona public universities without losing credits towards their final degree. She also participated in the Tucson Diversity Task Force and the Ethnic, Gender, and Transborder Studies Forum.

She is the recipient of some awards and honors such as: Outstanding Service to Arizona Students and Ethnic Studies (Pima Community College); Excellence in Service (The University of Arizona); and, the Faculty Staff Appreciation Certificate for Serving as a Mentor (Arizona Blue Chip Program, University of Arizona). 

One thing for sure, Sophie is a very passionate and hard-working individual who truly believes in and fights for human rights, dignity, equality, and justice.

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