The purpose of using External Reviewers as a part of the Promotion and Tenure process is to advise the university as to the broader impact and value of a faculty member’s scholarly and artistic work.  Given the interdisciplinary and ethnic specific scholarship found among many ethnic studies faculty finding external reviewers that are experts in field can be very difficult so NAES offers a list of potential reviewers who have expertise in ethnic studies.

External reviewers should ideally hold full professor rank or equivalent. The only exceptions to this should be reviewers who are acknowledged emerging leaders in the field though not yet at the rank of full professor.  Some universities, however,  accept associate professors.

NAES offers this service for it helps builds a cohort of experts in the field of ethnic studies and assists in effectively assessing ethnic studies scholarship for promotion and tenure of faculty members who enhance the field of ethnic studies and assist in the growth of Ethnic Studies Departments.

You will need to contact faculty directly for their availability:

Dr. Melina Abdullah, Full Professor

Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery, Full Professor


Dr. Ravi K. Perry, Associate Professor


Dr. Ron Scapp, Full Professor